'Get Out and Stay Out' 
9 to 5: the Musical showing at the Barter Theatre Gilliam Stage Summer 2022.
'Not Ready to Make Nice' by The Dixie Chicks
A cover with some incredibly talented friends!
Crow Tornado

A spoken word poem by Zoë Velling.

Listen here to one of Zoë's featured solos from her collegiate a cappella group: JMU Note-oriety!
Zoë Velling Vocal Reel 
Sangin' & Smilin'
'Home' from Disney's Beauty and the Beast Jr.
August 2020 performance with Barter at the Moonlite. 
Barter Dance Concert, Beyoncé Chair Dance
Performed in the Fall Barter Dance Concert of 2017. Zoë is seated in the second seat in on the right (DSL corner).
Can't Help Falling in LoveZoë Velling, OPB Elvis Presley
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Zoë was asked to record this classic for her best friend Kaleigh's wedding as she walked down the aisle. Thank you to Ryan Spitzel for recording & mixing!