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"Newcomer Zoë Velling is instantly captivating as Shelby, a role more challenging than it first appears. The seemingly self-indulgent ingénue, prattling on about her signature color and parties, is in truth anything but. Shelby lives to spread love – to family, friends, babies or strangers – and Velling captures her spirit with an honesty that endears her to us."


- Johnson City Press, Bonny Gable on Steel Magnolias at Barter Theatre

"Probably one of the cleanest Get Out and  Stay Outs I've ever heard in my life." 

- Jimmy Larkin of Telsey Casting (@letshearitforthechoice) on 9 to 5: the Musical  at Barter Theatre

"The Barter Players have more than outdone themselves with Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Jr. That is thanks, in large part, to its star, Zoë Velling, who portrays Belle with a flawless combination of a singing voice powerful enough to reduce you to tears of soul-stirring admiration and an acting ability of equal excellence. In particular, the song “Home,” ...was delivered by the future superstar with show-stopping force. With this performance, Velling is well on her way to having her name etched among the most legendary members of Barter history."

- EmBell Publishing, Zach Cooley on Beauty and the Beast Jr. with Barter Theatre.

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